Top 10 ESS Europe Solution Companies - 2020
 Zigor: Delivering Customer-Centric Energy Storage Solutions

Top 10 ESS Europe Solution Companies - 2020

Energy storage has been a hot topic in the solar and e-mobility landscape over the last couple of years, and it is only getting hotter. Stationary battery storage solutions, sometimes referred to as battery energy storage systems (BESS), are systems designed to store electrical energy. These systems serve a variety of energy optimisation purposes, ultimately improving the quality, reliability, and affordability of electricity across residential, commercial, industrial, and utility segments.

However, many organisations have tunnel vision on the subject of energy storage. For many, lithium-ion batteries are the beginning, middle, and end of the discussion. Largely that is because of Elon Musk and Tesla, who have built their incredible history of success both in transportation and energy storage on lithium-ion batteries. Yet, there are other types of storage solutions, many of which will begin to share the spotlight with lithium-ion batteries in 2020. Today, various battery technologies are available in the market, which includes Lithium-ion, Lead-acid, Sodium-Sulfur, Zinc-based, and Vanadium-Redox. Depending on the technology used, the battery storage system will perform differently in terms of capacity, response time, discharge time, and depth of discharge.

The continued expansion on the scope of offerings from energy storage solution providers will appeal to companies that are looking to modernised energy saving solutions and increase their bottom line. At this juncture, there is a wide variety of CROs entering the industry with a set of advanced and integrated offerings, and finding the right energy storage company to partner with can sometimes be challenging. Therefore, to help companies strengthen their energy storage capabilities and simultaneously enable growth in the industry, Energy CIO Insights has compiled a list of leading energy storage solution providers in Europe. The list comprises prominent organisations in the industry that solve energy storage challenges by implementing the current trends in the space. Besides, the magazine also includes insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for the aspiring CIOs.

We present to you Energy CIO Insights’ “Top 10 Energy Storage Solution Providers in Europe – 2020.”

    Top 10 ESS Europe Solution Companies

  • aentron develops standardised, scalable, and modular lithium-ion batteries to aid our clients in powering their specific technology in a safe and cost-effective manner. Our batteries are specifically designed for unique applications, and leverage standardised voltage configurations based on our client’s needs. In addition, aentron uses standardised internal battery components, including battery management systems (BMS), cells, and more, to ensure that its solutions can go-to-market rapidly and cost-effectively. As a result, the company can develop its core solution rapidly before customising it to meet the energy requirements of a specific application

  • EST-Floattech is located in the Netherlands, Norway and Germany and serves the Maritime and Industrial Equipment industry, delivering low volume/weight Lithium-Ion energy storage systems

  • Green Hydrogen Systems combines ultra-efficient, standardized and modular electrolysis with on-site production to help fuel the world with affordable green hydrogen. Having spent the last decade rethinking and perfecting a process known as alkaline hydrolysis, the company has now successfully commercialized its primary technology: The HyProvide A-Series, the world’s first compact alkaline-based electrolyzer suitable for large-volume applications. This highly innovative energy conversion technology enables its users to easily transform excess power generated by renewable sources such as wind turbines and PV panels into green hydrogen, which can then be used as a fuel in different applications or simply stored for later use or further conversion.

  • REC


    REC is a young company oriented in research and development of electronic solutions in environmentally friendly applications for hybrid and electric vehicles. They specializes in offering diverse battery management system configurations for each individual system, including additional custom programming, software development, warranty and user friendly service

  • The company delivers state-of-the-art energy storage solutions—Zigor ESS—with integrated three-phase battery management systems to manage the battery’s charging and discharging processes and status. The company exhibits extensive knowledge and experience in battery management for industrial UPS systems, hybrid generation inverters, and battery chargers. With a greater emphasis on design, Zigor’s battery management systems tick all boxes: high power backup, peak shaving, load displacements, and other functions required to foster stability in the electrical network. Making it all possible is the company’s talented R&D team with a solid background in power electronics. The company’s numerous patents only highlight their technical mastery.

  • Axpo Group

    Axpo Group

    Axpo is Switzerland’s largest producer of renewable energy and an international leader in energy trading and the marketing of solar and wind power. The company is active along the entire energy value chain, from production and trading to distribution, sales and services. Axpo develops innovative energy solutions for its customers based on state-of-the-art technologies in over 30 countries in Europe and the USA



    BELECTRIC is one of the most successful enterprises in the realization of utility scale solar power plants and energy storage systems. BELECTRIC was founded in 2001 and has been expanded by six shareholders to an international group since then. BELECTRIC has constructed over 285 solar PV power plants with over 1.6GWp PV capacity so far

  • GreenLab


    GreenLab Skive is a business park in Jutland, Denmark which creates unique advantages for companies actively working with energy storage and resource efficiency. The companys ambitious goal is to become the leading centre for integrated sustainable energy. Situated at the crossroads of the national Danish gas and electricity grids, this business park offers partners a superb location. Companies who set up at GreenLab Skive will have the added advantage of a symbiotic industrial network that exchanges surplus energy and resource streams for mutual benefit. This “Symbiosenet” is continually developed and operated to remain at the forefront of technology and sustainability

  • Impact Clean Power Technology S.A.

    Impact Clean Power Technology S.A.

    Impact Clean Power Technology S.A. is a leading manufacturer of battery systems for public, industrial and commercial transport as well as AGV robots. Thanks to the constant investment in research and development, the company has created solutions which has enabled them to build an international portfolio of loyal customers. ICPT deliver batteries to Solaris, Ursus and JBT, and the products are widely recognised within the electric mobility industry. The ICPT S.A. team consists of 140 highly specialised engineers, including mechanical , electronic and electrical engineers, programmers, system integrators and production engineers

  • Nilar


    Nilar was founded in 2001 as a research project by leading battery industry experts from Europe and the US. The company has been producing safe and environmentally-conscious Nilar Hydride® batteries for energy storage at commercial properties, private households, industrial plants and for use with the smart grid, since 2015. The Nilar Hydride® energy storage solutions are robust with non-flammable electrolyte and durable with a low lifetime cost. The modular design supports scalability to handle the energy requirements of everything from small residential systems to large-scale electrical installations