Top 10 Energy Storage Consulting/Services Companies in Europe - 2019
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Top 10 Energy Storage Consulting/Services Companies in Europe - 2019

Energy is the lifeblood that flows through the veins of business to power a substantial and exponential development of any industry. However, to ensure its continuity, companies need to place emphasis on the latest trends and technologies that are driving the energy storage market. Availability of financing, suitable regulatory methods, innovative business strategies, and up-and-coming energy projects are just a few of the techniques that initiate growth and sustain for long-term. The practical applications of energy storage systems are even being seen in the healthcare, automotive, manufacturing, space tech, and electronics vertical.

One of the major trends in the energy storage landscape is the shift from non-renewable, traditional thermal power plants to renewable energy sources such as solar and wind. Such a transformation is expected to show a result that in tandem with the increasing need for ancillary services. In addition, ancillary services in the market are witnessing an upsurge in the market owing to a rise in energy storage facilities, growing grid resiliency requirement, and popularity of renewable power infrastructure. From scheduling and dispatching of energy storage systems, controlling the power and voltage within a certain range to ensuring loss compensation and energy storage system protection, ancillary services play a crucial role. Even in the grid operations, ancillary services mark their presence by reserving and backing-up power to maintain a reliable transmission operation.

Currently, like any other software, energy storage systems too can be provided and utilized as a service. Popularly known as Energy Storage-as-a-service or ESaaS, it is an amalgamation of advanced energy storage system, energy management system, and a service contract that together add value to businesses by providing reliable and economic power. While previously, the complexities around cash flow and new business models were avoided by investors, ESaaS is proving to be a promising technology to finance and grow the industry. As ESaaS is gradually gaining traction and recognition in the energy storage services market, it also being duplicated in the market to complete energy storage systems’ projects and generate steady returns for any organizations’ board members and investors.

As CIOs plan to adopt more renewable energy storage systems and solutions, investing in the right service/consulting provider emerges as the topmost priority for them. While multiple vendors ensure to cater to every demand and needs of firms, CIOs may still face some uncertainty in choosing one particular provider over another. In a bid to address such situation, a distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and analysts along with the editorial panel of Energy CIO Insights have listed Top 10 Energy Storage Service/Consulting Providers in Europe.

We present to you Energy CIO Insights’ “Top 10 Energy Storage Consulting/Services Companies in Europe - 2019”

    Top Energy Storage Consulting/Services Companies in Europe

  • Fichtner is Germany’s leading independent engineering and consulting company. Specialists from four different business sectors—conventional energy, renewable energy and environment, water and infrastructure, and consulting and IT—work together under one roof at Fichtner.Fichtner has successfully implemented numerous complex projects following an integrated approach that combines the company's exceptional industrial know-how with the cumulative experience of its four business sectors.This is complemented by a host of various IT services offered by Fichtner to its clients for digitalization projects

  • With the expertise in several levels of energy management and power conversion for converters and power systems are the Swiss partnership of applied research specialists and independent entities, PESC-CH. With implementation, design, and specifications of power components including the thermal management of semiconductor devices, digital control, and magnetic components, the integration of power converters and intermediate energy storage in environmentally friendly power systems with a clear focus on power, availability, and efficiency. The PES-CH group performs reliability analysis of power converters, including electromagnetic compatibility, test automation of digital controllers, and failure analysis



    AMETEK Electronic Components & Packaging (ECP) is a world-leading producer of end-to-end electronic packaging solutions for harsh, demanding environments and high-reliability applications. It offers integrated engineering and manufacturing solutions for high-performance electronic and optical packaging, protection, and interconnectivity. ECP’s businesses include Aegis, Glasseal, Hermetic Seal and Sealtron connectors, headers and terminals for harsh environments and mission-critical electronics. It also includes SCP, a leading manufacturer of naval and marine penetrators, cables and assemblies, and Coining, a global supplier of solder and brazing preforms, aluminum and gold wire and ribbon, cladding materials and custom alloys for microelectronics packaging and assemblies

  • CMBlu Projekt

    CMBlu Projekt

    CMBlu is a market leader for organic flow batteries, which are used as energy storage systems for electrical grids. Together with capable academical and industrial partners, CMBlu develops critical technology to realize the global transition to renewable energies and establish a nationwide grid infrastructure for electromobility. As an energy storage system provider the teams work collectively and motivate each other to shape the future of power supply. The management team, prototype production, and one of the largest R&D centers for organic flow systems worldwide are located in Alzenau close to Frankfurt

  • Hydrogenics


    Being the pioneers worldwide in the field of designing, manufacturing, building and installing Hydrogenics has taken over the processes of industrial, commercial hydrogen generation along with hydrogen fuel cells and MW-scale energy storage systems as the company’s forte’. Hydrogenics believes that leadership comes not from the technology but the human quotient of the company. The employees, the engineers, and experts make up the enterprise it is to enable a global power shift to a cleaner and greener energy future. Some applications of the company are PEM, Alkaline Hydrogen generators for industrial processes and fueling stations

  • KACO


    With prominence to high quality, dedication, and passion for research, KACO new energy have provided game-changing German engineering skills in the field of independent and decentralized energy supply. The company has directed its intelligent solutions toward the support of sustainable energy supply across the globe. With sales and services all over the world, KACO is one of the largest producers of system technology for solar power plants, especially solar PV and battery Inverter technology. The company has implemented projects with maintained quality and commitment; it has developed the German system technology immensely

  • Kingspan


    The developer of high-performance insulation and building envelope solutions, Kingspan has strived to improve building performance, construction methods, and most importantly, people's lives, which drives the teams to provide more. The company serves the client to keep up with this rapidly changing world in the most efficient way, recognizing the products of the future. Kingspan caters to manufacturing building products that encourage a sustainable future, with increased efficiency, sustainability, style, and safety. Kingspan was defined to fulfill the vision of leading a revolutionizing idea—to create energy-efficient buildings

  • Leclanche


    One of the world’s leading provider of high-quality energy storage solutions Leclanché Willstatt. With the Acceleration of integration among renewable energy into grids and powering the electrification of transport is the aim of the company. Leclanché provides e-transport, stationery, specialty battery, technological, thought leadership, and Investor relation solutions. The Executive Committee is known for implementing the Leclanché strategy, which elaborates that together with the execution and monitoring of all company activities is necessary. Through two Board sub-committees, the Appointments and Remuneration Committee, and the Audit and Risk Management Committee, the Board exercises direct management over personnel and accounting functions

  • PowerShield


    Provision of Battery management systems (BMS) for enterprises with critical services that depend on continuous power is the main agenda for PowerShield. As they focus on designing, manufacturing, and operation of BMS, the company is committed to constant improvement and quality management. It is an independently owned company with OHSAS18001 certification. The company is committed to being responsible for our environment. PowerShield product and packaging are comprised of materials that are highly recoverable and recyclable. Please consider recycling the products through proper channel at your local recycler including e-waste recycler

  • SolarEdge


    SolarEdge grants its clients’ the best of the class, energy generation from each of its solar modules by mitigating the power losses that result from discrepancies of modules. SolarEdge is a divisor of future smart energy systems proofed to face potential risks that could decrease its lifetime energy production. With the system by SolarEdge, even the weaker modules do not affect the performance of the strong ones. The company also designs modules for varied geographical ranges, in uneven lengths, and strings of multiple orientations and different roof facets