Top 10 Energy Storage Systems Companies in Europe - 2019
Belectric: Towards a Sustainable Future

Top 10 Energy Storage Systems Companies in Europe - 2019

The past few years have been disruptive for the energy storage market in Europe as well as the world. However, going by the trends and surveys, the European region is likely to lead the energy storage systems landscape to become one of the largest adopters of advanced energy storage systems by the year 2020.

When it comes to searching for a reliable energy storage system, batteries still hold the topmost position. The most significant lead in battery energy storage has been the shift from Nickel-Manganese-Cobalt (NMC) batteries to Lithium Titanate batteries that can recharge faster and provide higher current levels. Such advantages make Lithium Titanate batteries a suitable entrant into the e-vehicles arena.

Other groundbreaking technologies such as hydropower are being employed instead of exploiting the non-renewable resources, which adversely affect the environment and biodiversity. Besides being one of the most efficient and environment-friendly energy storage options, hydropower is the most competitive and reliable way of storing electricity as it requires comparatively less time to power up a grid and reverse power failures. On the other hand, grid storage offers electricity at a faster rate but at the same cost as other energy storage systems.

As CIOs of healthcare organizations plan to adopt more renewable energy storage systems and solutions, investing in the right solution provider emerges as the topmost priority for them. While multiple vendors ensure to cater to every demand and needs of firms, CIOs may still face some uncertainty in choosing one particular provider over another. In a bid to address such situation, a distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and analysts along with the editorial panel of Energy CIO Insights have listed Top 10 Energy Storage Solution Providers in Europe.

We present to you Energy CIO Insights’ “Top 10 Energy Storage Solution Providers in Europe - 2019”

    Top Energy Storage Systems Companies in Europe

  • BELECTRIC is one of the most successful enterprises in the realization of utility-scale solar power plants and energy storage systems. BELECTRIC was founded in 2001 and has been expanded by six shareholders to an international group since then. The company has constructed over 285 solar PV power plants with over 1.6GWp PV capacity so far. The reconciliation of economic efficiency and ecology forms the basis for the company’s sustainable success. From product development and construction up to operation and maintenance services for solar power plants, 500 employees are working for the company

  • GreenLab Skive is an industrial energy park that is working actively on integrated energy storage, renewable energy, and efficient resource utilization and optimization. Companies that establish their production at the site can exchange and optimize surplus green energy and mutually benefit through symbiotic energy network. GreenLab Skive facilitates a symbiotic network of energy sources to expedite the adoption of a circular economy for a sustainable future. The network enables organizations to intelligently transform and distribute energy and bi-products among themselves. The firm maximizes energy potential by empowering production in circularity with each other as opposed to standing alone

  • An energy storage solution provider that manufactures customer-specific battery systems which are widely within the electric mobility industry. With the assistance of a team of 160 highly-specialised engineers and due cooperation from the finest academic centres in Poland, Impact Clean Power Technology (ICPT S.A.) has manufactured and sold battery systems to customers in the US, Germany, Spain, Turkey, and Italy. A leader in the production of battery systems for public transport and energy storage, ICPT S.A. creates the entire value chain for an EV battery system—everything around the battery and thermal management, and implementation of the software

  • With around two decades of experience in the energy storage industry, Nilar produces safe and environmentally-conscious Nilar Hydride batteries that are robust with non-flammable electrolyte and durable with a low lifetime cost. The batteries can be used for energy storage at commercial properties, private households, and industrial plants and for use with the smart grid. From single packs to complete cabinet and rack solution, Nilar delivers energy storage solutions that are optimal and made to last. The company’s EC (Energy Compact) Battery pack is built to address the time shifting and peak shifting needs of today and the future

  • Socomec is a medium-sized family-owned company that is committed to constant innovation in improving the energy performance of electrical installation in infrastructures as well as industrial and commercial sites. Founded in 1922 in Eastern France, Socomec engineers and executes low voltage solutions, equipment, and products, and provides turnkey autonomous micro-grid solutions. The company specializes in energy storage applications, uninterrupted power supply (UPS), switching, power management, and expert services. From grid quality enhancement and support, electric vehicle (EV) charging, and renewable energy efficiency to micro-grid for small cities and islands, and cost-energy saving applications, Socomec covers it all

  • Bredenoord


    Energy allows people to live comfortably, and it keeps the economy running. With its solutions, Bredenoord provides power for successful and influential entrepreneurship. Bredenoord sees to it that entrepreneurs and institutions can work as they want and that government organizations can do what they are supposed to. Especially in those places where energy is not always specific and distinct. The company works based on their mission of being an independent family-owned concern that develops, delivers, maintains, and operates internationally market-leading and the most reliable decentral energy systems, to provide its customers with energy security

  • Nerve Smart Systems

    Nerve Smart Systems

    As an energy storage system, Nerve Smart Systems offer smart emobility solutions to enable you to take a lead on the emobility market. The company works based on its mission, which is to achieve the vision of making transportation, vehicles, infrastructure, and charging smarter to prepare society for the future while being part of it. Their patent-pending Nerve Switch battery system technology will be used for the Nerve Switch High Power Charger. A disruptive High Power Charger, EU has supported through a Horizon 2020 Phase 1+2 grant

  • Panitek


    Panitek is an Indo-European establishment which strives to solve some of the biggest energy challenges in emerging countries through clean and innovative energy solutions. Panitek Power AG is a 100% owned subsidiary of the Panitek brand. With offices in Zurich, Liechtenstein, and New Delhi, the brand has truly a global presence. The company works closely with European and North American SME’s who are on the look-out to expand its service offerings to large growth economies like India. The company’s expertise lies in successful commercialization of new generation, smart, efficient, and clean technology

  • xelectrix Power GmbH

    xelectrix Power GmbH

    xelectrix Power GmbH are innovators, designers, and producers of electric power storage technologies. The technology includes battery modules and the active battery management system (BMS) associated with our hybrid solutions. Offering on-grid, off-grid as well as charging solutions, xelectix Power is driven to help protect, the environment through the reduction of fuel and CO2 usage - translating into meager savings for our end users. The technical team, consisting of a variety of experienced inter-disciplinary engineers are supported by a highly motivates management team as well as a dedicated team handling administration, purchasing, marketing, and sales

  • Zigor


    Zigor entered the market in 1998 as a technology company in the power electronics sector with a ground-breaking vision. The company aims to the traditional framework of the industry based on creativity and innovation to provide solutions in the energy, transmission and distribution and industrial sectors. Zigor is a business with an international outlook, which appreciates the experience, knowledge, and service-oriented approach of its management team provides an innovative, robust, and efficient solutions for its clients. They tackle projects from tens of watts to hundreds of kilowatts and to manage components such as photovoltaic generators, batteries, and gensets